As planned, I spent most of my rest day catching up on replying to comments and questions on the website, and personal emails. It took a ton of time because I have received an overwhelming amount, but it was great to finally get caught up. I was even planning on challenging everyone to ask more questions. That was until, we had a team meeting to review the weather forecasts and Garrett moved our “summit push” up in the schedule.

At this moment, we are planning on departing the comforts of K2BC on the morning of Tuesday the 17th to begin our way to the top. By leaving on the 18th, we would target a summit on the morning of the 21st. Over the past couple of days, we had tentatively targeted the 19th as our day of departure but the weather forecasts are showing improving trends for the 20th and 21st.

To simplify this tentative schedule for everyone, here is the current plan with rough elevations:

July 17th:  K2BC > C1 (20,000’)

July 18th:  C1 > C2 (22,000’)

July 19th:  C2 > C3 (24,000’)

July 20th:  C3 > C4 (25,000’)

July 21st:  C4 > Summit (28,251’)

Remember that Pakistan is exactly 12 hours ahead of California and with a targeted summit time of 6-9 AM on the morning of July 21st, this means that we would be pushing for the summit on Fridayevening in the States. I also want to caution everyone that this is all subject to change with the weather and other circumstances, as I’m sure those that followed my Everest expedition are well aware of. We will have more clarity around our plan tomorrow and will be sure to fill you in as information becomes available.

Until then, I suppose I should start organizing gear again and getting mentally prepared for the toughest challenge of my life to date. Few people actually have the opportunity to know when they face a life changing challenge and even fewer can say that it is something that they actually wanted. It makes me feel a little crazy…

PS – In my “1st Rotation” journal, I mentioned the names of my partner organizations in the “Leading from the Front” project and completely forgot to mention the awesome team at Taylor Farms! I’d offer to make up for it with a round of drinks for the entire team but that would be pretty costly, so I’m going to offer it up to anyone on the team who is following along! Thanks for the support, it means the world!