Today we woke up around 7 AM and had a great breakfast in Phakdingbut right before our 9 AM departure, something felt “off”. Most of you don’t know my thoughts on “sick days” but I’m sure my colleagues in Monterey do and will find some pleasure in knowing that I do, in fact, get sick. We had a decently long day ahead of us with 2,500+ ft of altitude gain, ending at the historically famous village of Namche Bazar, and I as not too psyched to spend the day with a GI issue. While not ideal, Geoff kept me laughing (but not too hard) and I actually enjoyed the hike’s views. 

Anyway, I’m starting to feel better, now that I’m curled up in bed in a nice Namche tea house at 11,300 ft elevation. Bedtime now… talk to you tomorrow!