Hey Everyone! You won’t believe it but there is an Irish Pub in Namche at 11,300 feet and in fact, there are two!!! Some of the alcohol is brought in by mule because the yaks get too hot at lower elevations. The rest is brought in by porters, who are people that make a living by carrying a ton of weight and use their heads to hold most of it. Anyway, we didn’t want that hard work to go to waste so we had to invest some time at these establishments.

As for the rest of the day, it was fairly mellow and I am happy to report that I’m feeling slightly better than yesterday but still haven’t kicked it completely. We took a nice acclimitization hike up to 12,700 feet where I caught my first glimpse of Everest. It was amazing. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my Instagram link below to see my first picture!! 

After a ton of pictures we headed back for lunch and relaxing. Geoff and I went shopping in the bazaar for some last minute essentials. We ended up with a book titled “The History of Nepal” which we hope will put us to sleep and another called “My Search for the Yeti” by Reinhold Messner. 
Alright that’s enough for now, I need to get some sleep.